What is the Shopify store Development Process?

Different Shopify developers have other processes for developing Shopify. Sometimes we do extra work to provide better service, and sometimes we do less to provide better service. It’s not about how long the process takes; it’s about how best Shopify development can be. The most common shopify store development services process involves the following six steps:

  1. Discovery and planning

Shopify store designers do extensive research, ask questions, develop ideas, and engage in in-depth conversations to understand business needs. By the end of this stage, marketers will no longer feel ambivalent about what their business goals are.

  1. Prototype

Shopify store designers apply Shopify templates to your Web site, depending on the type of business and the item. Developers do everything they can while preparing prototypes. It is based on research conducted in Step1.

  1. Production

Once the prototype and design are completed, we will start creating the original store. And when the prototype changes as needed, the Shopify Store will be made.

  1. Testing

The specialist will test your website according to your requirements, including cross-browser inspection, Shopify security updates, mobile-friendly Shopify apps, and file transfers.

  1. Launch

Launch it and get it up and running when the store is ready. Developers often prepare checklists for their e-commerce clients and launch them after ensuring everything is “all system go.” Pay close attention to ensure everything meets the specifications.

  1. Maintenance and Support

After the shop opens, web development reviews, updates, feature updates, security patches, and more are often supported. Most developers respond to inquiries and fix 24×7.

Web development company in Houston Texas Octal digital is familiar with Shopify’s development services, conversion optimization and A/B testing. It is because we have been testing companies that require extensive experiments for more than ten years.

Our skilled team can:

Set up your e-commerce profile and customize your online store theme. Develop your features that use Liquid files and ensure that the best parts are adopted to maintain existing theme standards. When you’re satisfied with the changes, do an initial evaluation of your theme, and make it live.

We can help you optimize your results. We support it if you want to add banner options to some parts of the site or make other minor changes. With experience in various themes and knowledge of Liquid files, it quickly investigates, identifies, and solves problems.

Optimize A/B testing and conversion rates

Optimized conversion rates and A/B testing can help your Shopify shop increase revenue. Both are essential conversion boost methods. The CRO strategy directly impacts Shopify store revenue, and A/B testing at Shopify stores is an easy and effective way to see which page designs are most profitable and profitable.

You need the help of a team of expert Shopify store designers for the best results. Brill has supported a large number of customers to deploy tests effectively. Our purpose is twofold. Providing reliable and cost-effective tests for CRO agencies and in-house campaigns, the team of A/B test developers is composed of skilled developers from around the world.


We hope that you have read about Shopify and the services that Shopify developers provide. Our Shopify e-commerce service is also designed to give you complete control over your Shopify site by allowing you to easily manage your products, content and orders. From initial setup to the ongoing management of your online store, you can rely on our established Shopify development services team. Use the Liquid file to build custom features and get the most out of them.