Why and where is Flow Control Valve Needed?

Digital flow control valves are the basic need of the manufacturing industry where they are used to regulate the flow rate of the fluid. Today, they are an important necessity to enhance the performance of the systems. These valves respond to the signal sent by the controller or the flow meters. They change the size of the orifice to restrict the flow rate and deliver the required pressure as per the need of the system.

Below we have listed some processes in which fluid control valves are used:

For Reducing the Flow Rate of the Fluids:

In hydraulic and pneumatic systems, it’s necessary to reduce or increase the flow rate to perform various tasks. Approximately, all the manufacturing and process industries depend upon the reliability of these valves, where they serve in hydraulic systems to perform the weight lifting tasks, tightening the screws with air guns, and surface grinders, in the fields for adding chemicals in the soil and watering the fields accurately. With the help of these electric needle valves, anyone can easily reduce the flow rate and can have strong control over the fluid flow. A wide range of adjustments and strong control are the main benefits of these valves. 

Maintaining a Constant Pressure:

Digital flow control valves have the ability to limit the pressure fluctuations coming inside from the inlet and maintain a constant pressure at the outlet so that the system can operate under the right circumstances. A pressure compensator compares the upstream and downstream pressure and helps the valve make the required changes so that the desired pressure can be maintained. In this regard, the valve will change the size of the orifice to fulfill the pressure need of the system. 

Coating Process: 

Digital flow control valves are widely used in the manufacturing of beverages and pharmaceutical products. In these industries, it is necessary to use the right quantity of each ingredient to form the right end-user product. If the composition will vary every day, then you will not be able to make the same product every day. It will become difficult for you to follow the standards and deliver the same high-quality product. 

In the Combustion Process: 

A number of digital flow control valves are used in the combustion process. In this process, they are used to deliver the accurate quantity of the gasses so that the process can happen and the desired results can be obtained. This process relies on the accuracy of the valves and the set values provided to them. If any variances happen then it can be harmful to the whole system and the workers working around it. So it’s necessary to use the right size and type of electronic pressure control in the combustion process. 

Final Words:

Today, digital flow control valves are necessary to fulfill the need of various domestic and industrial needs that we have discussed above. They are used in various equipment, machines, and systems to deliver the required flow rate and pressure.