porter cable belt sander

How to disassemble a porter cable belt sander?

When you have a lot of wood to sand or your wood is rough, how do you use a belt sander to get the job done?

Do not be afraid when using your tool especially if you are a beginner or a beginner. Often we need to disassemble a porter cable belt sander. First we need to know about the sander how it works. Lumbuy have porter cable belt sander that make it easy to use tool more effectively.

What is a belt sander?

The belt or “roller” sander is an essential part of the arsenal of many handymen and carpenters, especially the most experienced.

This robust tool relies on abrasive strips that wrap around its base to clean the most damaged materials.

The sanding action is linear unlike orbital and vibrating sanders.

Indeed, even when using coarse grits, you can sand in the direction of the grain and achieve a beautiful result.

Finally, it can be portable or stationary depending on your needs.

What is a roller sander used for?

You should know that belt sanders are versatile tools and therefore meet several needs.

They are used for:

  • sand very rough surfaces;
  • even out surfaces like a hardwood floor and round it off
  • quickly remove wood

Many people don’t know this, but it’s also possible to use a belt sander to roughly sharpen tools like axes, knives or scissors.

How does a belt sander work?

Let us walk you through the general operation.

This machine has a pair of rotating drums that rapidly rotate an abrasive belt.

On the one hand, a drive roller and on the other hand, the guide roller which is often adjustable.

To operate, the abrasive belt passes over a plate between the two rollers and pressure is applied to it.

Why we need to disassemble a porter cable belt sander?

It is very easy we always have manual we can reassemble it as we assemble it. There is some tips that helps you to use your belt more effectively.

2 tips on using a belt sander


After turning on your tool, setting it in motion prevents it from sinking.

In addition, if you tilt it to the side or front, the sandpaper may also sink into the floor and this will cause a hollow.


Orient your device starting on a flat surface and moving towards uneven areas.

Also, move in diagonal and side- to-side motions rather than back and forth for even sanding.


How to maintain your belt sander?

Maintenance of the roller sander requires regular carrying out of certain actions.


It is important to keep the belt clean for good results.

So remove the buildup of wood that comes from sanding by pushing against the moving belt.


When a large quantity of fine dust comes out , it is essential to connect a construction vacuum cleaner.

In addition, you can sand all day without any dust particles.


Let’s recap:

You have all the cards in hand to use a belt sander properly.