ReadiVet Comes to You

If you are considering adopting a pet, you might want to consider a mobile veterinary service, such as ReadiVet. The service provides full-service care to pets in their owners’ homes, utilizing technology to make veterinarians more accessible. It also has a full-blown clinic for more specialized treatments. Here are some of the benefits of ReadiVet. If your pet is experiencing pain, ReadiVet comes to you.

ReadiVet is a mobile veterinary service

If you live or work in the Dallas area, you’ve probably heard about Mobile Vet Collin County. This company brings veterinarians to you and your pets. You can expect your pets to receive the same quality of care that you would at a full-service clinic. Services range from X-rays to surgery. ReadiVet is one of the many services you can expect from a mobile veterinary service.

A mobile veterinarian can help you when you’re too busy to see the clinic, and ReadiVet can be at your doorstep 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ReadiVet vets can text you with information about your pet, and the service’s after-hours auto-reply feature makes it easy to contact them at all times.

It provides full-service care for pets in the comfort of their owners’ homes

Based in Dallas, Texas, ReadiVet is a startup that offers high-quality full-service care to pets from the comfort of their owners’ homes. ReadiVet currently employs one highly trained veterinarian but plans to expand into other markets and states. Veterinary services are available on-site, and clients can choose when and how often they’d like them.

The ReadiVet mobile service allows veterinarians to interact with clients via text message. The company sends out between ten and twelve thousand text messages per month, and expects that number to grow in the future. The company’s technology strategy also includes, which enables it to offer a personalized customer experience. ReadiVet is a great choice for people who value convenience.

In Texas, ReadiVet has two locations, one in Dallas and one in the Dallas With plans to expand ReadiVet is hiring veterinarians to expand its services and expand its business model. It also plans to hire more veterinarians to further expand its services and build its consumer-centric technology platform.

It uses technology to connect veterinarians with clients

The Dallas-based startup ReadiVet is leveraging technology to provide a better customer experience at its veterinary clinics. It currently has two locations and six veterinarians on staff. It plans to add two more veterinarians in the near future. ReadiVet goal is to make the veterinary experience as seamless as possible, while empowering veterinarians to retain their clinical autonomy.

Founded in 2016, ReadiVet has opened two clinics, and plans to expand to four more within the next 12 months. The startup is looking for veterinarians who are passionate about providing an exceptional experience for their clients. Veterinarians use text messaging and private comments to communicate with clients and patients. A secure messaging feature allows clients to privately communicate with the veterinarian while also providing detailed information to clients.

The startup aims to provide quality veterinary care to pet owners on demand, with the convenience of a mobile veterinarian at the end of the phone. Its Dallas location currently features 25 veterinarians and plans to add more as demand increases. The ReadiVet clinics are equipped with the latest veterinary equipment, making them the best choice for pet owners who can’t afford a traditional vet.

It has a full-blown clinic for specialized services

While ReadiVet has a full veterinary clinic, the company focuses on mobile veterinary services. The company picks up and drops off pets, and also offers a staff veterinarian. The company’s mobile services are convenient and affordable, and the company also offers specialized services on a limited schedule. This service is also convenient for pet owners because it provides both in-clinic and home visits.


With one highly trained veterinarian on staff, Vet Collin County offers comprehensive care and mobile veterinary services in the Collin County area. The company is always on the lookout for additional veterinarians to meet demand. In addition to mobile veterinary services, ReadiVet Collin County has a full-blown clinic that provides specialized services, including surgery. The company also offers convenient pick-up and drop-off services for pets, allowing pet owners to receive the best care without having to leave their homes.