Sublimation Printer: Things to Remember While Buying

If you are thinking of buying a sublimation printer for perfectly infusing designs onto fabrics or other materials, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. You will not want to end up investing in a printer with poor cartridge quality or a malfunction. There are a variety of categories you must look into before buying a sublimation printer. For instance, the sawgrass sublimation printer is a low-cost printer and is best for startups as it does not jeopardise affordability. 

Sublimation printers use ink infused into paper or fabric, making them ideal for printing t-shirts and other items that need to stand up to regular wear and tear. Here is a list of other things you must consider during the purchase, 

A Quick Checklist

  • Check the size of the printer
  • Make sure that you can afford it
  • Check the inks used. Latex ink and solvent dye sublimation ink are some of the options you will find.

Research Well

As a buyer, you should research well. Look at the specifications of the printer. Check out its reviews and warranty provided by the manufacturer. You can also look up reviews on YouTube or other websites that have them available. Checking reviews from previous customers can also give insight into how well the printer works in real-life situations and how reliable it is.

The next step would be comparing prices from different retailers to get a better idea of what kind of money you need to spend on these products before making any final decisions about which one suits your needs best (if there are any). This way, you’ll also be able to compare features between different models and brands so that none slip through unnoticed during shopping time!

Size Matters

You should also consider the size of the print area. If you are thinking about printing both small and large images at different times, then it’s best to go with a larger model so that you don’t have to change out parts or buy additional equipment just because one type of image has changed sizes without notice. If you are printing large quantities of shirts, it might be worth looking for a more heavy-duty machine rather than a smaller one, which could struggle with this workload.

Consider the Price

You may be wondering how much a sublimation printer costs. They can range from $800 to $3,000. However, the higher price tag is not necessarily the best option for you or your business. If you are looking for a high-end yet economical sublimation printer, the sawgrass sublimation printer costing around $800-900, is the to-go choice. 

Software Compatibility

Software compatibility is a significant factor to consider. Your computer or phone software has to be compatible with the printer for you to print. Some printers support more than one type of software, but if this is your first printer, you should stick with one type of software at a time until you know what features you want and need from your future printers.

The main thing to remember is that not all operating systems are created equal!


Assuming you have done the research and decided on a printer, it is time to think about the warranty. It will give you peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong with your printer, there is someone at the end of an email or phone call who can help.