Using Pendant Lighting Unconventionally to Elevate your Home

Using Pendant Lighting Unconventionally to Elevate your Home

The beauty of a home lies in how you decorate it. When referring to decoration, your mind probably predominantly thought of furniture, accessories and skilful use of colours. But do you realise that lighting has a huge role in bringing together a room? Specifically, smartly using artificial light, in the form of pendant lighting, can be as strong an influence in a room as material items.

How can you create artwork worth capturing pictures of around the house with minimal effort and even lesser upkeep? Here are some creative uses of overhead lighting that are guaranteed to make people take notice. 

Dining Table

Scientific studies have shown that visual appeal greatly affects appetite and food satisfaction. As humans, you are particularly sensitive to how our food looks, smells, tastes, and feels. When you can control how your food looks, why not use brilliant lighting above your dining table that glistens with attractive colours and allows the dining room to become a space for families and friends to come together?

A warm glow over you and your loved ones as you share a meal can bring a luxurious dining experience into your home. 


People often fill corners with shelves, side tables, or sofas. This can dim a corner that doesn’t get much natural light, making it seem like you’ve got a tinier space. Lighting up a corner widens a room and creates the illusion that your space is open and grander. With some pendant lighting, you liven up a corner and allow for functional space. Now you’ve not only created a moment in the room, but you’ve added value to it.


Whether your entryways are large and extravagant or cosy and homely, a delicate pendant light will be the first thing that shines on your guests. This illusion of being under a spotlight as you greet your guest with a warm welcome could fill their hearts with a sense of belonging. That should be the dream of each entryway: to make anyone that enters feel seen and at home. 


Stairs don’t need to be boring. Many people enjoy hanging up pictures along the stairs, but that’s so out now. To design a modern and edgy space, you have to think unconventionally. People fear getting creative with lighting on stairs because it’s slightly harder to manipulate shadows, which might be dangerous. You don’t want it to be too dim, or you risk falls. But pendant lights don’t need to be delicate. A bubble light or opal light can diffuse in all directions, unlike the focused and restricted spotlights that darker, smaller pendant lights create. 

Bathrooms? Debatable

Although above the sink, in front of the mirror, might be a suitable place to put up overhead lights, you might want to experiment and see why this isn’t a great idea (use your phone torch). A harsh pendant light above the face can create unpleasant shadows that don’t do justice to how charming you look. Instead, try a softer light spread out at the mirror’s base. Or lights on either side and one behind you to circle your presence. 

When it comes to lighting, the more isn’t necessarily, the merrier. When light shopping, look out for quality, colour, and intensity. Invest in the proper lighting, and you’ll feel like you’ve invested in yourself.