Minecraft RPG Modpacks for Java Edition
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The 10 Best Minecraft RPG Modpacks for Java Edition

Have you ever wanted to add extra role-playing content to your Minecraft server?

While Minecraft Java Edition is a stand-alone game without any DLCs included, players are offered free in-game content in the form of Modpacks.

To help you find the most suitable one, we have listed the 10 best Modpacks for Minecraft Java Edition.

What are Minecraft RPG ModPacks

Minecraft modpacks are collections of mods, combined into a single pack. They are created in a more optimized manner and work together.

Using modpacks provides better performance for low-end hardware users, and delivers better content.

Modpacks are also free for Minecraft Java Edition users, as they are created by the community, unlike in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. 

Since the Bedrock Edition relies on its Marketplace, modpacks are introduced under a certain price.

Best RPG Modpacks for Minecraft Java Edition

For a Minecraft role-playing enthusiast like you, we have listed the best RPG modpacks available. 

However, you will need to install modpacks before being able to play them.

Modpacks can also be installed and played on single-player or even used for multiplayer role-playing servers.

Vault Hunters

Vault Hunters is the best modpack, which delivers a ton of RPG content in Minecraft. The modpack consists of hundreds of buildings with hidden vault rooms and thousands of items waiting to be picked up.

While the modpack is great for a single-player experience, creating a co-op world is beneficial. Players who enter the mysterious buildings are bound to solve mystery puzzles and fight ancient monsters, before being able to get their hand on the treasure.

Pixelmon Reforged

Pixelmon Reforged is a Pokemon-like mod mainly used by RPG Minecraft servers. This modpack includes a wide variety of pixelmons of each generation and hundreds of adventures awaiting trainers.

Pixelmon Reforged has the best features of both worlds. For those who love Pokemon and Minecraft, now they can re-live the experience of catching adorable pixelmon and fighting against others.

Conquering gyms is also a possibility in the Pixelmon modpack. Once you defeat a gym leader, your pixelmon is bound to receive extra features.


RLCraft or also known as Real Life Minecraft is the biggest and most preferable modpack for RPG content. It comes with a ton of features like a thirst bar, temperature bars, monsters, structures, and tiered loot.

Players who had tried RLCraft get immediately addicted due to the ancient monsters roaming around structures, giving them a thrilling fight.

Not to mention that more than 300 quests are available for completion, and rewards are one of a kind.

It is no secret that RLCraft is the perfect Minecraft modpack for RPG servers, as it gives a Skyrim feeling.

Ultimate Origins Modpack

Origins in Minecraft is one of the most preferred contents, which gets the least updates. With Ultimate Origins, players receive more than 55 origins and 14 classes. 

Each of the origins gives unique traits to the player, which makes over 770 different possibilities to build the ultimate role-playing experience. By choosing an origin, your character receives different passive skills and unique actionable skills. 

While Ultimate Origins is not a modpack with tons of content, it can be used as a filler to any of the modpacks mentioned in the content.

We have seen various combinations of other RPG modpacks with Ultimate Origins and the results are astonishing.

Medieval Craft

Medieval Craft is a massive RPG modpack for Minecraft players, as it brings a totally different feeling to the game.

Those who choose to play with this modpack experience a different world, with new structures, NPCs, and the mythical weapon also known as Excalibur.

Medieval Craft unlocks a mid-century world with mystical creatures like fairies, superhuman warriors, and immortal beasts wandering the woods.

Each of the areas can be explored and has a different level set of requirements before one can enter.

Growing your character by collecting unique sets of armor unlocks more content and opens more castle doors.

The Twilight Forest

Have you ever wanted to wander in dark and mysterious forests for a long time and never get bored?

The Twilight Forest is the biggest RPG modpack, which unlocks a whole new dimension with thrilling adventures.

Entering the unique dimension of the Twilight Forest will take you to a world filled with dungeons, deadly bosses, and unique gears waiting to be collected.

Legend has it that intriguing treasures are hidden inside the forest and its endless dungeon content. In order to receive these treasures, you will need to learn various fighting mechanics and overcome the deadly forces.

ElectroBlob’s Wizardry

As one of the oldest and greatest modpacks with RPG content, ElectroBlob’s Wizardry is yet another addition to our list.

This modpack is filled with magic out of the box. It lets players choose their specialty and learn a wide variety of powerful spells, and potion crafting.

With ElectroBlob’s Wizardry modpack, you will get 170 different spells, and powerful wands to use against powerful enemies hidden inside dungeons.

Once you acquire the wizard’s staff, you are bound to conquer the most evil and darkest dungeons, learn new spells, and craft magical gears.

MineShafts and Monsters

Minecraft comes with its own objectives, but its downside is the lack of a story and quests to be followed. With MineShafts and Monsters, the game gets turned upside down.

It contains hundreds of accomplishable quests and tons of monsters along the path. The modpack contains a large variety of lootable items, and a huge RPG open-world map, available for exploration.

The best part of the MineShafts and Monsters modpack is the ability to scale your character while completing quests.

Each of the quests gives you a small fraction of a long story, which can never end.

Ice & Fire: Dragons

The Ice and Fire Dragons modpack contains a story filled with mythological creatures, such as elemental dragons, hydras, lizards, and more venomous creatures.

Hidden in the depths of forests and realms, these creatures await prey, or an adventurer to slay them.

Dragons can be also seen flying, or wandering on the tallest mountains, hatching eggs, and terrorizing villagers.

The Ice & Fire Dragons modpack contains everything a role-playing enthusiast needs. Especially when it comes to breeding dragons, and making powerful dragon gears.

Regrowth Modpack

Imagine a world that has been destroyed and left to decay over the years. No growable items, animals, or even houses for resting.

Regrowth is a modpack, which brings abomination and wastelands into the world of Minecraft. Those who grasp their hands on Regrowth experience a new world, which needs to be restored.

The main story of Regrowth is about a destroyed world, which needs to be rebuilt and regrown from the roots.

However, trying to accomplish this quest has its hidden dangers, such as scary creatures wandering around the forgotten biomes.

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