Top codeless automation tools 2023

Codeless automation is revolutionizing the way web and mobile applications are being developed and tested. Thanks to no code automation tools, software developers are now able to meet the ever-increasing demands of product delivery. It also allows the QA teams to speed up the testing process as now testers are saving a lot of time that was earlier spent on writing codes. Codeless test automation tools have simplified the process of software testing, letting even non-technical people without coding knowledge conduct the testing. 

So, if you haven’t already begun using codeless automation tools for your testing, it is time you did. No code automation tools offer many benefits, like speeding up the test creation process and making the testing process more reliable. 

By choosing the right codeless automation tool, you can remain on par with your competitors by delivering perfect software products on time.

With so many codeless automation tools entering the market, choosing the right one for your requirements can be confusing. Hence, to simplify the selection process, we present here the list of the top seven codeless automation tools from which you can pick the suitable one.

The Best No Code Automation Tools 

  1. TestGrid

TestGrid is one of the most powerful codeless automation platforms out there. Through this platform, users can test even highly customized and complicated applications efficiently and identify errors or bugs during the early stages of development by its plug and play solution. TestGrid is a one-stop solution that facilitates cross-browser testing, API testing, and more at no extra cost, thus eliminating the need to install third-party tools.

Key features

  • Perform end-to-end testing on real devices and browsers hosted on-premise or on the cloud
  • Provides robust test data management and support for deeper assertions
  • It offers ready-to-use infrastructure
  • Automate test cases through simple keywords
  • Lets you use AI to auto-heal and access the code
  • Provides smart and rich data insights
  • Auto-generates a SAST report on every build execution
  • Facilitates robotic test automation
  • Allows cross browser testing on multiple browsers and devices, saving your precious time and effort
  • Starts as low as $29
  1. Katalon Studio

It is one of the leading codeless automation testing tools that make test generation, test execution, and test reporting easy for users. It enables continuous testing for QA teams and has a ready-made framework, pre-defined test methods, and a built-in recorder that enables users to seamlessly start their testing projects.

Key features

  • It has a unique visual recognition feature for identifying objects
  • Lets you start testing quickly with keywords and ready-made test scenarios
  • It supports web, API, mobile, and desktop testing 
  • Its smart wait feature resolves the timing issues of automated web testing 
  • Allows parallel execution and test scheduling
  1. Perfecto

It is another popular codeless automation testing tool that eliminates your dependency on coding and speeds up your testing process. It lets you kickstart the testing process quickly without needing any framework setup or domain expertise. Perfecto allows you to execute tests in parallel across real and virtual devices and browsers.

Key features

  • Gives AI-powered insights on all your testing in one place
  • The cloud-based platform lets you test from anywhere on any device
  • Built-in AI/ML for self-healing automated test scripts
  • Supports major frameworks like Selenium and Cypress
  • It is user-friendly and easy to navigate
  1. Ranorex Studio

It is another codeless automation testing tool preferred by many organizations due to the many features and benefits it offers. The platform includes tools like Ranorex driver, Ranorex Spy, Ranorex API, and other valuable features that help you conduct robust test automation efficiently.

Key features

  • Its record-and-play functionality makes test automation easy for all QA team members
  • Use Ranorex Spy to search multiple UI elements
  • Separate test data from test cases using CSV and Excel files and SQL connectors
  • Its object repository lets you manage all types of GUI elements
  • Unique automation helpers to let you easily add features to your tests
  1. Leapwork

With Leapwork, you can easily automate your web and desktop applications through its codeless test automation features. Anyone without coding experience can design and execute automated test cases using its visual flowcharts and without writing code.

Key features

  • Allows cross-browser and cross-device web automation
  • Lets you run cases with automated input from spreadsheets, databases, and more
  • Build reusable components that you can share among teams and reuse between cases
  • It comes with native plugins for TeamCity, Jenkins, and Bamboo
  • Schedule test automation cases for repeated execution
  1. TestSigma

It is a versatile codeless testing tool that lets you use intuitive UI and simple English to write automated tests. Its cross-platform testing capabilities save the time and effort of your QA team. The tool offers excellent features like comprehensive visual reporting and test case tracking.

Key features

  • It provides a built-in test lab with numerous real devices and browsers for scaling your test automation efforts
  • Its smart algorithm automatically identifies and fixes page elements
  • It can be integrated with Slack, Jenkins, Jira, and other popular tools
  • Its visual testing feature lets you take screenshots of your application and compare them with baseline images
  • It enables faster release cycles and quicker feedback loops
  1. Mabl

This codeless automation testing tool is preferred by many organizations for its end-to-end testing capabilities. This versatile tool simplifies test creation and maintenance and helps you improve applications without reducing your speed,

Key features

  • You can seamlessly integrate it with CI/CD tools
  • It has a unique feature that mimics desktops and mobile devices
  • Due to its auto-healing feature, you waste less time fixing tests
  • Automate browser tests and API tests at the same time
  • As it is cloud-based, you can easily scale your automation efforts up or down


We hope this guide on the top codeless automation tools for 2023 helps you in selecting the right tool for your testing efforts. The above seven no-code automation tools all have remarkable features and advantages. You should carefully compare the capabilities of each tool and select a codeless test automation tool that perfectly matches your project requirements.

For most organizations, TestGrid is the preferred platform for end to end testing of their applications since it is a one-stop scriptless automation solution that provides all the capabilities you need without requiring the installation of any browser or requiring a device. Its plug and play solution allows you to start testing your software with just a single sign up. 

With TestGrid, you can quickly and efficiently perform different types of tests for even complicated applications and deliver error-free, high-quality software products consistently.